Mother's Day Gift Guide: Kelty Diaper Daypack

An everyday diaper pack that goes from trail to train with ease

Just getting out of the house with a baby can be a challenge in itself. Getting out of the house with correctly matched socks is another thing altogether. The Kelty Diaper Daypack makes it easy to pack up and go. This take on a classic school backpack is simple and uncluttered. The zippered main compartment has a mesh divider and insulated bottle/beverage holder.

Behind that is a clever stash-it pocket with a changing pad for quick diaper swaps. Two stretchy bottle (or toy) holders are on the sides, and a small zippered compartment ably holds the small pharmacy that new parents carry around. A frequent flier and tester took the Daypack from Dulles to Denver and exclaimed, “Now this is what I’ve been looking for!”

Since it has regular shoulder straps instead of the more prevalent messenger-bag style strap, it’s easier to carry for long hauls on trails or between concourses. Bonus: It doesn’t look like a diaper bag, so it’s easy for guys to carry, too. $65; 1 lb 5 oz.;