Mishmi Takin Nimba - Backpacker

Mishmi Takin Nimba

Smart features make this the bargain of the year.
Price $175.00


Weight 15 oz


Features Rarely do shells at this price come with this much attention to detail. Beyond the typical features—adjustable hem, pack-compatible hand pockets—the Mishmi Takin Nimba also sports angled cuffs for extra back-of-hand coverage, an extended hem, pit zips with two-way zippers, and a covered vent behind the neck for better airflow. And the hockey mask-like mouth holes? “I loved them—you can zip all the way up and less moisture from your breath gets into the jacket,” says one tester.

Protection Instead of a membrane, the Nimba employs a hydrophobic polyurethane coating (which helps keep the price down). It proved watertight on stormy hikes in Virginia, but there’s a durability tradeoff: Testers had to re-treat high-abrasion areas after four months of hard use.

Breathability Waterproof coatings are typically much less breathable than costlier membranes, but this shell’s version narrows the gap, thanks to air-permeable micropores. Venting aids airflow, but expect only moderate breathability compared to pricier shells. m’s S-XL, w’s S-XL