Metolius Alpine PAS

This personal clip-in point is light enough to carry for extra safety on long mountaineering routes.
Alpine PAS
Price $25.00


Weight 2 oz


Versatility Some long routes require you to build an anchor—or safe point—every 150 feet or so, where you meet up with your partner before continuing. To attach to one, you need a personal anchor system (PAS). The Metolius Alpine PAS is structured as a series of linked loops that are each strong enough to hold more than your body weight, so you can clip into any of the loops and get the same level of safety. This also makes it much easier, faster, and safer to shorten or lengthen your connection to the anchor point: Just clip more loops on or unclip a few.

Weight At 1.7 ounces, this alpine version is 40 percent lighter than others, thanks to the 11 mm Dyneema Monster Sling Webbing. “I don’t unclip it from my harness gear loops, because why not take it everywhere?” one tester says. “I don’t even notice it.” In your pack, it takes up about the same space as a large orange.

$25; 1.7 oz.;