Mad River Journey 167 Canoe

A new three-layer material makes the Journey 167 canoe family-tough and budget-friendly.
Journey 167 Canoe
Price $1005.00


Weight 88 lbs



Previously, if you wanted an affordable boat that could withstand years of abuse, you looked for one made with Royalex. But that stuff’s not available anymore. Mad River’s replacement: Triple Tough, a three-layer polyethylene skin/foam material they engineered. Two layers of protective polyethylene skin sandwich the foam core, which provides flotation and stiffness. The only knock: The material is a tad heavy.


Consider the Journey an SUV of canoes: very stable. But that doesn’t mean slow. During testing on Colorado’s Steamboat Lake, the Journey’s waterline (hull length) proved long enough to maintain speed.


At 16 feet and 7 inches, it has room for two adults, a dog, and plenty of gear. $1,005; 88 lbs.