Leki TourStick Vario Carbon

Splurge a bit on these trekking poles that combine carbon and aluminum for incredible durability.
TourStick Vario Carbon
Price $200.00


Min Length (inches) 45
Max Length (inches) 53


Weight 1 lb, 2 oz

Carbon is light, but prone to nicks and cuts that can ultimately lead to breakage. Aluminum weighs more, but is tougher. The TourStick combines both materials (aluminum is used in the lowest section, which is most susceptible to damage from skis, crampons, snowshoes, or rocks), and can stand up to year-round abuse.

The top two sections telescope to adjust height—45 to 53 inches—while the lower three sections connect via tensioned strands of Kevlar sheathed in plastic.

“It’s foolproof and fuss-free, The extended foam grip has an egg-shaped top that’s perfect for palming on climbs and descents.” said our tester after 25 days of skiing and 30 hiking.

Nice: It collapses to 15 inches for easy packing. $200; 1 lb. 2 oz. per pair;