La Sportiva Trango

Stretchy, butter-soft fabric makes this lightweight jacket perfect for fast-paced tours.

Breathability Its thin fabric (90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex) provides a touch of wind resistance, but breathability—not weather protection—is its strength. “I was grateful for its ability to let heat and sweat escape during a climb up 14,439-foot Mt. Elbert,” says our Colorado tester, who says its wicking interior kept him from getting chilled after the strenuous hike to the wind-raked summit.

Weather Protection A DWR finish repels snow flurries, but the hoodless design and the fabric’s open weave prompted testers to also pack a hardshell for foul weather.

Fit Despite a body-hugging cut, the Trango facilitates full freedom of movement with stretchy spandex blended into the nylon. The torso length is relatively short. Instead of adjustable Velcro tabs, a stretchy gusset sewn into the cuff provides a snug, fuss-free fit that doesn’t snag baselayers. Gripe: A pack’s hipbelt blocks the hand pockets.
$139; 1 lb.;