Kühl Radikl Pants

These pants' smartly placed stretch panels and a soft cotton blend mean crazy comfort.
Radikl Pant
Price $90.00


Weight 1 lb



Kühl stitched in strips of 88 percent nylon and 12 percent spandex (nylon has natural stretch, too) along the outside of each pant leg, under the kneecaps, and around the rear pockets, resulting in unprecedented range of motion. From the Sierras to Peru, we scrambled off-trail and could easily high step from boulder to boulder.


The cotton/nylon/spandex blend boosts comfort and durability (although it slows dry times). One of our more brutish testers—a photographer who shreds a few pairs of pants per season—wore the Radikl for five months of Colorado Front Range adventures and came through with the pants’ knees and seat intact (though he worked holes into the stretch panels).


Three pairs of generous pockets—in front, back, and on the thighs—easily fit maps, knives, lip balm, and sunscreen.

$90; 1 lb. (32x32)