Klymit Double V

Lightweight Double Pad
Double V
Price $130.00

Age-old dilemma for wannabe backcountry snugglers: The gap between sleeping pads can feel like the Mariana Trench, but double-wides are usually too heavy for the trail. Not so with Klymit’s couple-friendly offering. The Double V weighs just 2.5 pounds (there are lighter doubles out there, but they’re more than twice the price) and packs down to the size of a football. It's also a spacious 47 inches wide and has a 1.6 R-value. “My partner and I had ample room to move around and find the perfect sleeping positions without falling off,” our tester says. He praised the pad’s V-shaped baffles, which limit slippage. “With most ultralight pads, you bounce around like a rubber ball at max inflation,” he says. “I stayed put all night on the Double V no matter how much air I blew in.” Tradeoff: Its size means it’s tough to origami back into its stuffsack.