Introduction to Knot Tying: Terminology - Backpacker

Introduction to Knot Tying: Terminology

Knot tying is an essential skills for the backcountry, and knowing the lingo is essential to learning how to tie knots. Here's a vocab lesson to get you started.

Standing end This is the long end of the rope that would go from you, the tie-er, to a tree, tent or belay point

Free end The end which is nearest to you and where single-line knots are tied

Bight A doubled-over bending of the cord, where many double-line (mid-rope) knots are tied

A second knot used to make sure the primary, load-bearing knot cannot come untied, also used to simply secure excess free-end cord

Departing rope
Description for cordage that runs into or away from a knot

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