iFrogz Tadpole Speaker

It's a speaker. It's a key chain. It's immensely packable.
Tadpole Speaker
Price $20.00


Screen Size (diagonal) 0.25


Features Waterproof
Weight 1 oz

At about the size of a lighter, it can fit on a keychain.
sound quality “It’s a bit tinny, and not the loudest speaker,” notes a tester. “But for the price and the weight, it’s dang good.”

In camp at Colorado’s Lost Creek Wilderness, during a rainstorm, this speaker pumped tunes throughout the deluge. “It worked even when it was almost 50 feet from the device,” says our tester.

Another tester clipped this mini boombox to her backpack during around-town commuting, and even brought it into the shower. The Tadpole pairs with any Bluetooth 3.0 device, from tablets to desktops.

The battery only lasts a few hours on continuous play, and as with any Bluetooth device, it will drain the battery of the device it’s paired with.

$20; 1 oz.; ifrogz.com