Ibex Shak Stretchy Vest

This stretchy vest is made of sheeps wool and will keep your bodies core warm when it's cool outside.
Ibex Shak Stretchy Vest


Weight 13 oz


Comfort Range

Wool is warm (even when wet), breathable, and comfortable in a wide range of conditions (though you’ll need to add a shell in big wind). Made from soft, expedition-weight merino, the Shak delivers on all three fronts: “It made an excellent midlayer whether I was hiking and skiing in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains in breezy 20°F temps or hanging around camp on warm spring nights,” reports one tester.


The long cut covers the waistline when you bend forward, but the torso is trim, so go up a size if you like a looser fit.


We wished for handpockets.


It made an excellent midlayer.


$130; 13 oz.; ibex.com