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Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle 32 oz.

Wide-mouth convenience meets all-day heat in a new convenient, standard size.
Insulated Water Bottle 32 oz.
Price $34.00


Weight 15 oz


Insulation Even when overnight lows bottomed out around 10°F, our Greenland tester’s water never froze—not even in the threads. That’s thanks to Hydro Flask’s double-walled, vacuum-insulated design, which we’ve been lauding since 2010 in various sizes (it also kept ice alive for six hours in a summer-hot car). “At first I was skeptical it was worth its weight,” he confesses. “By trip’s end, I was smitten.”

Convenience A ribbed, rubbery band around the lid makes it easy to open with gloves on, while the standard 1-liter capacity let testers keep track of their intake without fancy math. The wide mouth is compatible with many water filters and allows for no-mess additions of drink powders.

easy cleaning “The metal bottle didn’t retain flavors,” one tester reports, “so I felt OK filling it with hot chocolate or Tang.”

$34; 14.5 oz.; hydroflask.com