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Hottotties Kashmir CS V-Neck

This layer works overtime regulating temperature during high-intensity outings—for a fraction of the cost of its competitors.
Kashmir CS V-Neck
Price $28.00


Overall Rating 4.3 / 5
Sizing Women's

Breathability Hollow spaces between yarns and a brushed interior surface help trap heat, keeping testers comfortable in vicious winds at 10°F (with a shell) and the 40s (when worn alone). But breathability is top-notch because the ultralight yarn releases heat quickly: “When I warmed up, it’s like it switched into ‘fan mode’ to maintain my temperature,” says a tester. (The fabric is a blended synthetic made from cellulose of eucalyptus and other trees and spandex.)

Wicking “Even in the 40s, I never sweated out,” reports one Colorado tester. “Moisture did sometimes collect on my lower back, but it always dried before I got cold.”

Fit/feel Testers liked feminine touches like rounder hips, a stylish V-neck, and a slim, flattering cut. “The soft fabric feels like cashmere,” one says.

$28; 5.1 oz. (w’s M);