Hobie Polarized Cruz-R

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Polarized Cruz-R
Price $119.00


Weight 1 oz


Lenses While these Hobie shades come from a watersports brand, what makes them good on water—polarization and huge wrap—also works on snow. They cut the glare when we wore them ski-touring above treeline in British Columbia and hiking in the Swiss Alps. We loved the copper lenses with green mirrors; you get the primo color perception of an amber lens with the added glare reduction of a mirrored lens. Nice touch: The lenses are wrapped 360 degrees with a proprietary coating that repels water and sweat; most lenses get such a coating just on the outer half. We noticed when sweat drops didn’t leave streaks on the inside.

Extras Each pair comes with a removable retainer system so you can cinch them around your head or let them hang from your neck.