Helly Hansen Warm Flow FZ Hoodie - Backpacker

Helly Hansen Warm Flow FZ Hoodie

This thin fleece/wool jacket shined in the world’s toughest alpine conditions.
Warm Flow FZ Hoodie
Price $140.00

Versatility Our tester wore the FZ (over a light wool top) literally around the clock on a 50-day expedition in the Himalayas with hardly a sign of wear beyond some slight pilling under pack straps and a mildly stretched-out hem. “Even after many sweaty climbing days, it still looked good enough to wear on the flight home,” he says. Another tester wore it next to skin on arduous ski trips, and it stayed stink-free for about three days.

Wicking Helly’s Lifa Flow construction—a combo of polypropylene fibers on the inside and merino on the exterior—provided top-shelf wicking. The polypro has an open weave, which draws sweat to the water-loving wool outer. “It dried quickly enough to keep me comfortable even when I was skinning uphill with a sled,” says one Colorado tester.

Features The streamlined hood earned kudos: “Perfect under a helmet—no restriction of movement or peripheral vision,” says a tester. Plus, “it was more comfy than wearing a hat to bed at Everest basecamp.”
$140; 12 oz. (m’s L); hellyhansen.com