GSI Fairshare Mug II

Versatile cup
Fairshare Mug II
Price $16.00


Weight 7 oz


Our take One of our favorite mugs just got a little better. An insulated sleeve with soft handle protects your hands from hot contents, while the screw-on lid makes the Fairshare great for rehydrating food, preventing coffee spills, and storing leftovers. And if you’re like us and collect a family’s worth, now you can stack them together for easy storage at home. What hasn’t changed: You can still measure boiling water and other ingredients (it has volume markers in milliliters, ounces, and cups—up to 28 ounces).

Trail cred “Each morning, I would prepare a dehydrated meal for lunch and store it in the mug,” said a tester after bikepacking in North Dakota. “Then I could just pull over and eat without setting up my stove.”