Granite Gear 32” Wheeled Duffel

Roll it around or throw it on your back; this monster duffel can handle any load.
32” Wheeled Duffel
Price $199.00


Weight 12 lbs



Lots of rolling duffels have packstraps, but most are either bulky and obtrusive or skimpy and uncomfortable. This bag borrows from Granite Gear’s technical pack-building cred with supportive, contoured shoulder straps and a lightly padded, curve-hugging hipbelt, both of which tuck away on the front of the pack.


At 131 liters, you could pack a toddler in here and still fit clothes for a week.


Tough, 600-denier nylon remains unscathed despite months of hauling the bag—loaded with up to 60 pounds—around the globe. Corners are reinforced, and we love the beefy grab handles on every side of the bag. Only gripe: It’s heavy.

$199; 12 lbs.