GPS Review: Garmin Rino 520

You'll never lose your partner if you're each carrying a Rino.

This GPS/walkie-talkie hybrid allows you to talk and transmit your exact location to a recipient as far as 14 miles away. Every time you radio each other, the Rino will plot your locations on its map screen in real time. This unique feature won the first generation of Rinos an Editors' Choice Award in 2003. The new 520 includes a color screen, stronger antenna, and rechargeable lithium battery (run time: 14-16 hours). Clouds rolling in? Tune this waterproof unit into the NOAA weather channel. (For an extra $54, the Rino 530 comes with a barometric altimeter and electronic compass.)

Price: $482

Weight: 10.3 oz.; 800-800-1020