GPS Review: Garmin eTrex Legend C

A reliable and moderately priced unit with high-end capabilities

This all-around favorite is a reliable choice for hikers who desire high-end capabilities in a moderately priced handheld. The color screen is exquisite, and the buttons are easy to navigate, so you won't have to spend eons poring over the user manual. A built-in patch antenna keeps the unit's body slim without compromising much reception. In more than a year of testing, the only time the Legend C failed to acquire and hold a satellite lock was in deep forest on north-facing slopes in the Smokies. It runs on two AAs, and most buttons are on the side for convenient one-handed operation. At home, you can download hikes to your PC or upload 24 MB of topo maps.

Price: $268

Weight: 5.6 oz.; 800-800-1020