Editors' Choice Award 2017: Good To-Go Oatmeal - Backpacker

Editors' Choice Award 2017: Good To-Go Oatmeal

The backpacker breakfast staple gets a long-overdue upgrade.
Price $6.50


Weight 4 oz


Instant oatmeal is cheap, nutritious, and easy to prepare, so it’s no wonder that it makes just about every backpacker’s menu. But has there ever been a food that so many people eat but so few actually like? That’s because what you often get is a gummy, textureless goop loaded with sugar and not much else.

Not anymore. The chefs at Good To-Go reinvented oatmeal by combining chunky whole oats with protein- and omega-packed chia and hemp seeds; pumpkin and sunflower seeds for crunch and healthy fats; and bits of dried banana, zante currants, and shredded coconut to add a fruity twist. Cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric not only spice up the dish, but also aid in its digestion and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. “The last thing I wanted to do after dragging myself out of the tent on a drizzly gray morning in Colombia was eat a bowl of sugary mush,” says Associate Digital Editor Adam Roy. “The fruit and seeds make this easy to eat for days in a row.”

Preparing it in the bag takes just a bit of boiling water and five minutes—close enough to instant. The result: a flavorful breakfast that delivers long-lasting fuel with 16 grams of protein and 76 grams of carbs per serving.