Giro Facet

Women’s pick
Price $130.00


Weight 5 oz


Our take 

Bargain women’s gear is usually an oxymoron—quality design and materials aren’t cheap—but consider the Facet an exception. For $130, you get a top-tier VIVID lens by ZEISS, comfy triple-layer perimeter foam, and a fleece facing that made the Facets feel as comfortable as goggles twice the price. The medium-size frame fit every one of our female testers, and the low-profile shape sat flush against each helmet we paired it with. It comes standard with one lens (choose from an array of tints), though you can swap it out for another. We liked the turquoise, mirrored Loden Dynasty lens (16 percent light transmission) for most conditions.

Trail cred 

“They stay propped on my face and don’t pressure the bridge of my nose, even when I’m wearing a helmet,” one tester says. “Add the clarity, which let me see terrain well enough on flat-light tours, and I don’t see a reason to drop more coin on a piece of equipment that I’m inevitably going to scratch in a fall or in my pack.”