Reima Narvik Thermal Set

Best kids baselayers
Thermal Set
Price $74.00

OUR TAKE They know cold in Finland, where this company is based, and it shows in this baselayer set. Two layers of fabric sewn together trap air for added insulation, a design that kept one kid in the comfort zone on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park with temps in the low 30s.

THE DETAILS The blend of 35 percent wool, 50 percent polyester, and 15 percent nylon is soft on skin and doesn’t swamp out easily. Our Colorado tester sprinted down the trail but didn’t get too cold from sweat on breaks. After a dozen washes there isn’t any pilling.

TRAIL CRED “My daughter hates wearing close-fitting layers and always complains about itchiness, but she didn’t mind this piece at all,” one parent says.