Lander Cairn XL

Best lantern

OUR TAKE When we needed a lot of light for a group, we packed the Cairn XL. At 350 lumens on its max setting, the hockey puck-size lamp can illuminate an entire campsite. “Our group of 10 threw a happy hour without anyone fumbling the cocktails,” said our tester after a trip near Copper Mountain, Colorado. The 10,000mAh battery can fully charge a smartphone three times or run the lantern on low for 10 days straight. Bonus: The companion smartphone app let us use the Cairn XL as a light-up alarm clock. Tradeoff: weight.

TRAIL CRED “At our camp on the shores of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha, the lantern’s red light let me spy on a hippo on the other side of a fence without distracting it,” one tester says.