CNOC Outdoors Vecto

Most versatile reservoir

OUR TAKE One bag to do it all—that’s the verdict from our testers about this soft, 2-liter container. It’s not a hydration reservoir (no drinking tube), but the Vecto is useful in a host of other ways, and weighs almost nothing. A wide zip opening at the top paired with a capped small-mouth opening at the bottom makes it more convenient than a collapsible water bottle or dromedary, since the two openings make for more efficient filling, filtering, and drinking. We used it as a soft water bottle (the bottom has a hard rim for drinking), attached a threaded filter (like a Sawyer or LifeStraw) to the bottom to make a squeeze filter, and used two Vectos (one for dirty water, one for clean) to make a gravity filter on a weekend trip in Colorado’s Tenmile Range. And for something so light, the Vecto—made of ETPU, a thermoplastic elastomer that’s less dense and more flexible than regular TPU—proved durable over three months of use. We had no leaks. 

TRAIL CRED “The Vecto rolls down to the size of a Snickers bar,” our tester says. “I’ve even stashed it in my pocket after drinking it dry.”