Black Diamond SpotLite 160 - Backpacker

Black Diamond SpotLite 160

Best for minimalists

OUR TAKE The best headlamp is the one you packed, and there’s always room for the featherweight SpotLite. Weighing in at a trim 1.9 ounces, it sat comfortably on our tester’s head during a dusk trail run in the Swiss Alps, while its 160-lumen maximum output proved bright enough to spot obstacles 200 feet away (a ref lector ring ups focus). A red light saves night vision and batteries during close-up tasks. Two AAA batteries power it for 2 hours on high and 60 on low (6 lumens), better than rechargeable ultralights. 

TRAIL CRED “The slim headband and compact body stashed neatly in my tights’ pocket,” our tester says.