Get Bargains on Gear

Forget full price. Here's how to score deals on outdoor duds.

*Look for “2nds” or samples. Many manufacturers (such as Wickers; search for “2nds” at offer extremely reduced rates on products with minor flaws or sample pieces used to show off styles and colors to retailers. Outlet stores [like Patagonia’s] are a great source for these bargains.

*Bookmark Or sign up for their various alert options. (Just click on “alerts” on the top nav.) This overstock site, owned by, cycles regularly through severely discounted brand-name products.

*Channel your inner peacock. Black and white baselayers? Everyone wants them. But if you’re OK with hot yellow long-johns with baby pink stripes, you might just get an amazing deal.

*Shop in a heat wave. When other people are buying overpriced swimsuits, you can score excellent deals on all the wool you want.