Gerber Center-Drive Plus

Most versatile multitool
Center-Drive Plus


Weight 10 oz


Our take Screwdrivers on most multitools tend to be simple: just one flathead and a Phillips head. But this tool’s driver—complete with 12 different bits—means you’ll be able to handle almost any type of hardware repair. The Center Drive also contains a whopping 17 features, including spring-loaded scissors and a 3.3-inch, partially serrated knife. The pliers push out with just your thumb, which proved essential when one tester used them one-handed while forcing a metal pack stay back into its support pocket.

Trail cred “While holed up in a yurt during a rainstorm in Mongolia, we realized the woodstove was broken. Using the pliers and hex bit on the Center Drive, I was able to tighten the flue enough to get it working so we could stay warm and sleep,” one tester says.

9.5 oz.