Gear Review: Zeal Tenacity Sunglasses

High performance shades scaled down to fit small and medium faces.

Smaller faces

They may look like townie shades, but the Zeal Tenacity Sunglasses deliver bona fide sport performance. Sticky rubber pads on the nose and over the ears hold them snugly in place through sweaty pursuits (but don’t feel like suction cups, either).

The lenses are shatterproof (like all polycarbonate ones) and polarized: “I actually thought they were photochromic [they ’re not] because I wore these from sunny mornings to full-on blizzard conditions at dusk. And the warm, orangish lenses provided contrast and cut glare through it all,” says one tester. Supersharp optics present the world in a pleasant hi-def and the scaled-down frame size doesn’t overwhelm small- to medium-size melons. $100; .9 oz.;

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