Gear Review: Yakima RackandRoll 78

A trailer-like rack that holds up to four kayaks.

The Yakima RackandRoll 78 eliminates the need to hoist heavy gear—like canoes—atop a high-roofed truck or SUV. This lightweight trailer is like a roof rack you pull, only better, because it holds more stuff. Two crossbars accept attachments for bikes, boats, and storage boxes. It can carry four bikes. Or four kayaks (on their sides). Or two bikes and one canoe. And countless other combinations.

Despite its scant weight (for a trailer), the RackandRoll wasn’t skittish at highway speeds or on rough roads. And it’s just as handy to store: The wheels detach, enabling the trailer to collapse flat and roll (via small wheels on the frame). Just prop it against a wall in the garage. $2,300; 160 lbs.;