Gear Review: White Sierra Kalgoorlie Long Sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeve top with UPF 30 keeps you cool and burn free.

At high altitudes and on water—where intense UV rays make full coverage a smart, skin-saving solution—testers reached for the UPF 30 Kalgoorlie. This collared button-down shields your neck and arms from scorching sun, and the woven, 100-percent polyester fabric dries superfast. Plus, its light, airy feel made it a favorite for hot-weather hikes and paddling. Testers also issued props for the features: A hanging mesh liner across the upper back keeps the fabric from clinging to sweaty skin, two large chest pockets hold a passport and iPhone, and fabric tabs secure rolled-up sleeves.

Female testers, however, called the ladies’ version “frumpy” and preferred the Redington Marquesas Hoody ($60; 8 oz.; S-XL; This lightweight blend of 87 percent poly and 13 percent Lycra provides full sun coverage with go-anywhere styling. Thumbholes ensure hand protection, a hood shields the scalp and neck, and a high wrap collar delivers chest and neck coverage that doesn’t smother. $50; 7.8 oz. (m’s XL); M-XXL;