Gear Review: Vargo Ti-Boiler Mug and Pan

A titanium mug and pot/lid set that is super durable and lightweight.


Uncoated titanium cookers, such as this, are typically best suited for boil-water-only cooks who count every ounce. That’s because titanium, while superlight and durable, is a poor heat disperser, which is why you get hot spots that cause scorched-on food—the heat doesn’t dissipate. But this clever combo—a 900-millimeter mug with a wide, shallow 350-millimeter lid/pan—also functions as a double boiler.

Forget about scrambling your eggs (a sticky mess); poach them instead by setting the pan atop the water-filled mug. This unique setup also allows you to boil water for pasta and heat the sauce at the same time. One tester was even able to steam-cook silver-dollar pancakes (this party trick requires patience).

Both components have metal swing-out handles (so you can skip the pot grabber, but they get hot). Bottom line: ideal for diehard ultralighters who like to cook more than just ramen noodles. $75; 5.2 oz.;