Gear Review: Toast Heated Clothing Baselayer

Finally, a baselayer that holds hand-warmers for ultimate warmth.

[extra warm]

Ever wish you could stick hand-warmer packets up your shirt and down your pants? Whether it’s brutally cold or you’re just prone to the shivers, now you can. This thick Polartec Power Dry crewneck incorporates small, elasticized pockets on the lower back and neck to hold standard-size chemical packs. The bottoms have a pocket in the lumbar area. “I found them super-effective while lift skiing and ski touring in Utah’s Wasatch Range, in temps from 0°F to the low teens,” says one tester. “The heated packets (BYO, they last about eight hours) were especially welcome in humid wind or slow descents after a sweaty climb.” Even without the auxiliary heat, the Toasts are warm, thanks to the fabric’s ribbed inner surface, which traps warm air. Quibble: The pockets feel a little lumpy under larger backpacks (it was no big deal with daypacks). “I sometimes used the lower-back pockets to hold small items during bike rides and trail runs,” says one tester. $75-$85; 8.9 oz.; m’s M-L, w’s S-L;