Gear Review: Sole Sport Flip-Flops

Find out why BACKPACKER's executive editor Dennis Lewon wears his Sole flips ...even when he shouldn't.

I put these sandals on as soon as the snow melted last spring, and will hardly take them off until ski season starts. I did the same thing last year, and expect to do the same next year. And the next.

That’s because I’ve found no other flip-flop that offers this level of support, durability, and comfort for the weight. SOLE makes high-performance footbeds, and it shows in the precise heel cup and superior arch support of this sandal’s EVA midsole.

I use them in camp, at work, biking and walking around town, and while traveling–and thanks to a touch of low-profile traction and the no-slip footbed, I’ve also used them to hike on rockier terrain than was prudent (good news: blood washes right off the synthetic nubuck).

Sure, you could spend a lot less on a pair of throw-aways. But is that any way for a hiker to treat his feet?
$70; 13 oz. (pair of men’s 11); men’s and women’s sizes;