Gear Review: SOLE Exhale Slippers

Ditch your hiking boots for these fleece-lined slippers and relax.

Get these versatile, synthetic-insulated beauties and you can ditch several other pairs of winter shoes (like your down camp booties and après-ski kicks).

OK, so they’re kind of homely. But most down booties don’t sport an outsole capable of handling anything but tent-lounging (never mind the midnight stroll to the latrine). The Exhales can, thanks to their splash-worthy DWR coating, thick EVA footbed, and rubber outsole. “They’re as stable as a trail runner,” says our tester. "And the fleece-lined footbed feels dreamy even in temps as low as 15°F."

The ripstop nylon uppers held up through a full winter of camping, hut trips, and ski-lodge scuffing. A suede band protects high-wear areas at the toe, and the heel panel folds down to wear in clog-mode. Quibble: They’re heavier than down models and a tad tight when worn with thick socks. $75; 1 lb. 2 oz.;