Gear Review: Snow Peak Hybrid Trail Cookset

An all-in-one titanium kitchen kit.

Of all the items I tested, this little all-in-one titanium kitchen kit is my favorite, because each component is perfect and perfectly integrated. There are no leave-at-home duds that you resent paying extra for. The 27-ounce pot and 5.5-inch sauté pan/lid (both with fold-out handles) are ideally sized for either a solo hiker or a pair of ultralighters.

The malleable silicone bowl is fun and effective; I used it for both hot drinks and meals. It’s light, compact, and easy to clean thanks to rounded edges. The pot and pan are not coated, so grease them up well if you plan on cooking anything but water. Bonus points for the little titanium spork and mesh storage sack. Note: The Crab LI nestles securely inside for a compact, complete package. $53; 7.9 oz.;