Gear Review: Salomon X-Tend XCESS8 Goggles

A great, dependable pair googles for a price you can swallow.

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You don’t need pricey photochromic lenses to get all-around performance. The X-Tend’s mirrored orange lens (with 27 percent VLT) ably handles almost all light conditions, from intensely sunny skies to gray days. “Contrast and depth perception are killer,” reports a Colorado tester who says the orange color increased contrast and let her distinguish wind drifts in flat light. The spherical lens eliminates optical distortion, and peripheral vision is excellent thanks to a trim frame. Fog control is better than average, due to scoops at the top and sides that draw moisture away from the lens. Tradeoff: On bright spring days above 10,000 feet, some testers wished for less light transmission. $135; 3 oz.;