Gear Review: Rossignol S3 Skis

For the skier transitioning from front country to back.

Are you a resort skier just getting hooked on the backcountry? The S3 will enliven your transition. It has the most rocker of any ski we tested, a feature that minimizes surface drag—and leg fatigue—while touring. And its pin shape (wide in the tip; tapered in the tail) and traditional camber (arced in the middle to create rebound) make it an incredibly easy turner.

Both tele and AT skiers loved it on groomers as well as in the backcountry, and all said they instantly felt braver, faster, and more heroic. A tester who’s skied versions of the S3 since its debut in 2009 says, “This is my go-to board when I know I’ll be mixing it up in rocky chutes, tight trees, and wide-open faces. I love how solid it feels without being plankish, and it’s easy to whip around, even on days when I’m feeling sluggish.”

Everyone praised the S3’s predictability throughout a wide range of snow conditions, but some complained that when it came to straightlining or traversing, the ski became a bit “squirrelly” underfoot.


8 lbs. 1 oz. (178cm); 159cm, 168cm (124/96/114), 178cm, 186cm (128/98/118)