Gear Review: Rab Exodus Jacket

A midweight softshell that's multiseason.

[most versatile]

“It’s my Goldilocks jacket,” says a tester. “From springtime sun to icy, wind-driven snow, it feels just right.” The fabric is a double-woven midweight that kept our tester perfectly dry and comfortable despite snow and high winds while skiing above treeline near Colorado’s Peter Estin Hut.

The weave rebuffs all types of snow and light rain. In temps above 35°F, says our tester, “The long pit zips let me keep the jacket on (uphill and down) while lapping a short slope, eliminating time- and turn-wasting layer changes.” The roll-away hood is similarly all-purpose, thanks to the wired brim that molds to customize coverage for unobstructed visibility, and two adjustments that cinch the crown and sides separately.

The fit is trim but not body-hugging, and allows for a lightweight fleece underneath, making this the go-to softshell for a full season of snow touring, from the first flakes to the last. $160; 1 lb. 6 oz. (w’s S); m’s S-XXL, w’s XS-XL;