Gear Review: Primus OmniFuel

Cook with just about any fuel with this versatile stove.

Need one foolproof cooker that will burn just about any fuel you can rustle up? The OmniFuel runs on white gas, kerosene, diesel, even aviation fuel, and easily converts to burn butane canisters as well. Our Mt. Washington testers performed a series of boil tests in temps ranging from -2 to 20°F.

The stove ran equally hot on white gas and canisters (boil times averaged about six minutes for one liter of 60°F water), but the flame output and control was more consistent with white gas (not surprising, because white gas can be pressurized with the pump, whereas canisters are susceptible to cold).

“In both configurations, it was easy and intuitive to set up—even with gloves on,” says one tester. The supports are stable for big pots, and the flame control is positioned well away from the burner to prevent finger burns. $174; 12 oz. (without fuel pump, mfr. weight);