Gear Review: Primus AluTech 1.4 Liter Pot

A triangular shaped pot that's easy to pour and balance on three-legged stoves.

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Circular pots might have an advantage in sheer boiling speed, but this clever model was made for backpacking. The triangular shape of the 1.4-liter vessel means no-spill pouring and excellent stability on three-legged stoves. It’s made of uncoated, hard-anodized aluminum, and thin .7-millimeter walls speed boil times (1 minute, 25 seconds for a half liter, at room temperature indoors).

Despite the thin aluminum and funky shape, the pot never dented during drop testing. It disperses heat well for even cooking (when buying pots, try to match the diameter and shape of your stove burner for maximum efficiency and even heat distribution). And one tester found it easy to clean because “I could wedge the fettucini-encrusted triangle securely between my feet and scrub like mad.” Silicone-insulated folding handles provide a secure, comfortable, no-burn grip. And the plastic lid, with closable steam vent/pouring spout on one side and a pasta strainer on the other, eliminates spills. $36; 8.1 oz.;