Gear Review: Polarmax Light Weight Tech Silk Men's Crew Baselayer

The most affordable baselayer that still get the job done right.


When you’re working hard in moderate temps—whether snowy or rainy—you don’t want much insulation from your baselayer, just something to move sweat and serve as a liner for an outer shell. This filmy shirt fits the bill perfectly, without busting your budget along the way. It’s the lightest baselayer we tested, made of 100-percent polyester so thin it’s see-through (despite the model name, there’s no silk). Our sweatiest male tester immediately tagged it as his “go-to base for high-effort outings and skin-level use in multi-layer stacks.” Despite a proprietary antimicrobial treatment, it can stink a bit, but it also offers near-instant drying after sink or stream rinsing due to the lack of spandex. The fabric gives somewhat, but doesn’t really stretch, so size accordingly. $25; 3.2 oz.; m’s S-XXL, w’s XS-XL;