Gear Review: Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp

The Petzl Tikka features the best light quality.

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Best Light Quality

A tester who packed the Tikka Plus 2 while peakbagging in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest loved the lamp’s intuitive functions. When batteries are 50 percent depleted, a small red indicator light blinks on “as obviously as a car’s gas light.” The Petzl shoots a bright point of light straight ahead and fades smoothly outward to the periphery with no dark spots.

On high mode, it easily illuminates good bear-bag branches after a late dinner. The tilter clicks firmly into place with one hand, and the deep and narrow on/off switch remains clickable even when wearing gloves. One tester liked the night vision-friendly red LED on buggy nights around camp: “Fewer moths and bugs try to dive-bomb your face,” he reports. Drawback: The beam isn’t focused enough to stay tight over long distances.

> Batteries 3 AAAs

> Weight 2.9 oz.

> Price $45