Gear Review: Patagonia Lightweight Sun Hoody

This polyester jersey is loose and meshy while still being a great sun barrier.


Mountaineering isn’t just about avoiding frostbite long enough to summit. All that snow also acts as a mirror, blasting you with a double dose of face-baking UV rays. I’ve had the burns to prove it. Sunscreen? Sweats

off. Long sleeves? Too hot. Just right: This UPF 30 hoody. The polyester jersey is loose and meshy, enhancing breathability and comfort range. Even on 80°F days at Rainier’s Camp Muir, it was pleasantly cool with sleeves down and hood up. Bonus: repels odor. Bummer: too airy for deep winter.

Best For

Mountaineers, canoe campers, desert rats, and beach bums

Tester Data

> Shannon Davis

> Duration Aug. to May

> Locales/conditions WA, CO, Iceland; sunny and snowy; 40°F to 80°F

> “A sun-protection shirt that works—and doesn’t make you look like you’re at a birding convention.”