Gear Review: Patagonia Das Boot

Shockingly light, impressively warm, fabulously supportive...need we say more?

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“Shockingly light, impressively warm, fabulously supportive,” reported our tester after tromping her way across Norwegian glacier fields, and through snowstorms and scree. “Usually I have cold feet, but regardless of how thick my sock, in these I was always warm.” Credit the Primaloft Eco insulation that’s made from 50% recycled post consumer polyester, the cozy Polartec 200 fleece lining , and the imperceptible heat reflective foil that’s hidden inside the boot--it never crinkled, but kept body heat from escaping on the coldest days.

The fabric and leather uppers were waterproof and didn’t show any wear even after a winter of adventures. The EVA midsole was cushy, but it had enough stability and support to carry a fully loaded winter pack. Rounded laces slid through webbing guides for single finger tightening. After wearing these boots for a week of hiking in Idaho’s Sawtooths, one tester reported, “I'm normally a person who futzes with her boots - before, during, and after a hike --but these fit perfectly from the get go with no hot spots or irritation.

And, they had plenty of support for carrying 40 pounds.” Vibram’s new Ice-Trek sole did well in a mix of wintery weather. “The sole? I never thought about the sole,” said out tester. “It kept me steady and I never slipped. Medium width and volume. Bonus: mesh gussets and EVA in the footbed and midsole are 20% recycled, and leather is the most eco available. Medium width and volume with a spacious toebox. $175; 2 lbs 6 oz.; men’s 7-12,13,14,15;