Gear Review: Packit Gourmet West Memphis Grits Soufflé

Bring southern comfort food into the outdoors with these mildly spicy and cheesy grits from Packit Gourmet.
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Prep for this creamy, savory, Southern-style comfort food is as easy as it gets: Boil water, add to bag, stir, and let sit for 10 minutes. Testers loved the well-defined jalapeño and corn flavors, fluffy texture, and mild tang provided by a blend of cheddar and Jack cheeses.

Eat these grits as a breakfast cereal or, as one tester suggested, “as filling for a jerky-stuffed burrito.” Spice it up and balance the salty richness of the hominy-based cereal by mixing in a packet of taco sauce (not included). Warning: Don’t be tempted to speed prep by cooking in a pot, or this sticky stuff will burn. Eat it directly from the cooking bag. $4 (1 serving); 3.5 oz.;

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