Gear Review: Packit Gourmet Curried Mango Chicken Salad

This cold-water-prep chicken salad from Packit Gourmet will keep you fueled and on the trail.
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Break from the uninspired trail meal and reach for this modern twist on chicken salad. “I loved the big, juicy hunks of meat with peas and currants, seasoned with mango and fragrant curry powder,” says one tester, who rehydrated this cold-water-prep wrap on-trail in Washington’s Wenatchee Mountains.

“I stopped for one minute to add water to the bag so it would rehydrate while I hiked. Twenty minutes later, I sat down for a gourmet lunch.” Mix in the included packet of ranch dressing to add creaminess—and an extra 11 grams of fat (for a total of 25 grams) per serving. Great for chilly weather. BYO bread or tortilla. $9 (2 servings); 6.6 oz.;

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