Gear Review: Outdoor Edge Fish & Bone

Fish & Bone
Price $20.00


Weight 3 oz


Ever tried to clean a fish with a pocketknife? You’ll likely end up mangling your catch. Instead, get a purpose-built knife like this one with a long, flexible blade that allows you to clean a fish with finesse. Our tester deftly gutted fat, 19-inch Westslope cutthroats. The textured nylon handle ensures a solid grip, even around slippery innards, and the clip (or included belt sheath) keeps it close at hand. The locking blade releases with a button on the handle (though due to the length and profile of the knife, most testers had to use both hands to operate it).

Bonus:It performs serviceably as an everyday blade. $20; 2.8 oz. (not including sheath, which adds .4 oz.);