Gear Review: Olympus TG-310 Point-and-Shoot Camera

A bomber camera that's a bargain at $200.

Drop it. Soak it. Freeze it. And still have money for ice cream. This camera withstood it all, from hot, humid Shenandoah National Park, to snorkeling in Guam, to rainy, wind-blown conditions on the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak. “Because of its tiny size—5.5 ounces—it’s always in my pocket, so I never miss a shot,” says one tester.

It’s shockproof to five feet, freezeproof to 10°F, waterproof to nine feet, and users touted its ease-of-use; they figured out 90 percent of the features sans manual. At 14 megapixels, the TG-310 delivered solid clarity in most conditions, but images were hazy in overcast light. The 3.6X zoom is adequate, and battery life is decent for a multiday trip but not a weeklong haul.

HD video is a plus; colors popped in underwater videos we took in Guam. Bonuses: a push-button panoramic feature and the ability to take (somewhat trippy) 3D images.


SD card


5.5 oz.