Gear Review: NEMO Morpho 1P Tent

The Morpho is like three tents in one.

Most Versatile

The Morpho is like three tents in one. It gives lone wolves palatial space—30 square feet and a 104-inch-long floor that even NBA players will love—and the generous dimensions let it comfortably pinch-hit as a two-person shelter. Or roll back the floor fabric to trade interior length (shortening it to 75 inches) for a seven-square-foot vestibule that lets you cook with protection or store sloppy gear. Packed, the Morpho is one of the most compact tents we tested, thanks to the use of two air-filled beams (in lieu of poles) for support.

After one practice session to master the inflation system, testers said the nonfreestanding shelter pitches quickly and holds firm in strong wind and rain. Ventilation is superb for a single-wall: It never steamed up when fully battened for a storm, even during a heavy frost in Idaho’s Sawtooths. Credit waterproof/breathable fabric and a hybrid design with an integrated partial fly that enhances airflow. The fly also peels back for great venting in dry weather.

Headroom is superb, since the arched airbeams create near-vertical walls with a 37-inch ceiling along its entire length. Reality check: You get nearly the space of a two-person tent, but also the weight. $350; 3 lbs. 15 oz.