Gear Review: MSR Denali Tyker Snowshoe

Best shoe for the mini mountaineer

Best for Kids

This downsized version of MSR's Editors' Choice Award-winning Denali (April 1997) is no toy made for stomping around at the bottom of a sledding hill. Kids get legit steel crampons that really grip on crusty snow and even steep descents. "These shoes let my five-year-old keep up with us–quite happily–on a short family hike in Nebraska's Fort Kearney State Recreation Area," said one tester.

The injection-molded plastic deck provides good flotation in all kinds of snow for kids who weigh up to 90 pounds. More importantly, the narrow, rectangular shape allowed kids to maneuver without stumbling. The simple rubber-strap binding was easy for kids to cinch securely all by themselves (even the five-year-old). These rock-solid snowshoes will get handed down through several siblings, which makes the highly affordable price pure gravy. $60; 1 lb. 15 oz.; 17-inch;